Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Weekend Ever

Ok, so I can't say that because the weekend hasn't come yet. However, I am fairly certain that this might be the best weekend ever.

This is my best friend.

And she recently decided that she would like to marry this guy and he bought her a really sparkly ring.

So I'm going here

To shop for one of these.

And I'm going to see this little thing and her momma.

And a bunch of my closest friends that I abandoned when I moved to Colorado.


dawn said...

HOpe it was a great weekend!

Bronco said...

So I know this is a relatively old post...but oh what a sweet reunion we had! I'm pretty sure our waiter at breakfast has been stalking me. Or maybe it's just someone that looks a lot like him...not sure.

Oh, and how pink it that picture of us??? Way.

Carey said...

Hahahahahah so that last comment was from me, Carey, not Bronco. It's confusing I know. We're basically the same person.