Monday, September 13, 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama

Transitioning into adulthood isn't always a walk in the park.

There's bills to pay, 401k's to sign up for, insurance companies to deal with (which I dealt with ALL day) and countless other items that I've encountered and tried to handle like an adult.

For the most part I feel like I'm playing the role of "the adult." I find myself thinking, "Am I really dealing with _______?" Insert any adult-like topic and I've probably thought it a time or two.

What I find myself thinking tonight, "Am I really dealing with this stupid drama again?"

I remember going into college thinking I was so glad to be done with the drama that came with high school, who stole so-and-so's boyfriend and what that girls said about the other girl and who won't be nice to the girl that doesn't fit in our "group", and it went on and on at DCHS and probably every other high school in the world.

But different drama came with college (please keep in mind that I went to BYU so pregnancy scares and sleeping with friends boyfriends didn't exactly occur, at least for me and my friends). Who got kicked out of their apartment for what, who likes who in the ward, what that girl said about me to my friend, who broke up with whom, she dated him and now she's engaged to his best friend/brother/roommate/mission companion... I think I saw it all and then some.

Then I start hearing the drama that surrounds my mom's friend's lives, or my friend's family ward, or my aunt and her friend, or my cousin's friends, my distant relatives, my friend who moved across the world, or my dear sweet random almost cousin but not really even through marriage (not to be confused with the other cousin that I just referenced who isn't really my cousin either we just say that).

My point is that we don't outgrow drama. The topics of drama change and grow as we get older because the interests in our lives change, but I'm now convinced that it's everywhere, there's no escaping it.

Tonight I found myself in a drama-filled situation, where I even said "This is so ridiculous I feel like I'm in high school."

In my mind I blamed the other people involved for the drama, clearly I was an innocent bystander. Nope, I wasn't I was actively involved in creating the drama in my life.

After cleaning up the mess I helped create, I was talking to my friend about it (this is where the drama begins... I need to keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself). She said that she was so over everyone and their behavior.

Knowing that she was all talk (actions speak louder than words my friends) I spent a lot of time thinking about how much people talk about drama in their lives.

I don't know a girl (and I say girl because a lot of guys just don't care enough, drama takes a lot of energy) who doesn't talk about how she's done with drama. Then said girl runs off and actively participates in creating drama in her life.

Well, I'm making a change. I don't have to add to the drama of the world by engaging in drama-filled discussion. I'm keeping my opinions to myself and I'm staying out of it.

I've made my peace and I'm moving on. I will be getting my drama straight from the Kardashians and whatever ridiculous reality show E! comes up with.

I choose to channel my energy into something better, I will no longer actively engage in drama.

P.S. yes I realize this is a rather dramatic post but I had to get it off my chest without creating more drama.

P.P.S. I don't meant to sound self-righteous or preachy. I just don't want to put my energy into it any longer. Do what you please in your life, I am not about to judge you or your drama. Let's be honest drama keeps life interesting.


Erin said...

Can I just say I love all the parenthesis. Haha! But on the subject of your post, I freakin HATE drama. My sister causes drama in every little aspect of her life and it is horrible. It's a breath of fresh air when you sit back and realize you aren't in the thick of it and you are just an innocent by stander. Enjoy those little moments because I agree that it is hard to not have some drama in life. Love ya Jilligan!

dawn said...

You are the ultimate drama-free queen!