Friday, September 17, 2010

Cha, cha, change...

People are always agonizing over change and I’ve never really understood it.

I think that deep down I’m a restless soul. I can’t sit around for too long and I can’t get too complacent in life.

College was ideal for this. Just when I was sick of the same classes, the work group, my roommates, anything that became routine, it was a new semester and I began all over again.

Real life doesn’t always allow for constant change. Although I have moved three times and another move is on the way, I go to the same job every day and I do the same thing everyday, just for different people.

There is no real problem solving, no great strategizing, not utilizing my skills with a fresh new conundrum every week. I’m bored.

I’ve been craving a change. I think that’s why I ended up cutting my hair. However satisfying it was, it was a temporary fix for a grand craving.

I need change.

Stolen from Design Crush

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