Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Now I'm not a huge proponent of people who can't get out of the glory days of high school, but this post stands in tribute to my alma mater Douglas County High School and the school's quarterback and my cousin Eddie Williams.

During my days in High school our football team sucked. They never finished above .500 any of the years I was there.

But shortly after my high school departure in 2004, head coach Jeff Ketron managed to turn everything around. Ketron carried the team on his back during the rough years, but talent caught up with his schemes and DCHS managed to win a Colorado State Championship in 2005.

The winning continued, in 2006 they fell in the semi-finals to Mullen and in 2007 they went to the Championship game before falling to Grandview.

Last weekend I made the seven-hour drive to Fort Collins to see my cousin Eddie make his final high school championship run. The Huskies fell to Poudre (like poo-der) in the quarterfinals and Eddie had an emotional farewell to a game he has loved since he was a boy.

I loved watching Eddie play and I am sad to see his football career end, but happy that his four years in high school were filled with the football glory that makes high school so unique and fun.


Justin said...

Jill that was decent, however you need to make more philisophicle outlooks and that is what makes good blogs. Not story telling. But good stuff!

dawn said...

I loved it. Melissa loved it too. You have a natural way with words . . . I don't know why Justin wrote that, either.