Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess Who's Back

I’m back!

I had some much needed time away from the office and a wonderful adventure where I only feared for my life once (really we stayed in the sketchiest motel I’ve ever seen), decided I want to move to Georgia, played on the beach, said farewell to my dear cousin and then headed off to the desert.

I left the extreme humidity and hit up the extreme heat in the city of Las Vegas. I purchased a lot of stuff, watched ¾ of one Bellagio water show and I saw the most beautiful baby girl!

My little niece was blessed so I went and visited Justin and Brooke and I met the little girl for the first time. She is the best baby I’ve ever been around. I never heard her cry the whole time I was there.

Pictures from my shenanigans to follow but I haven’t had much time since getting back late Sunday!

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Brooke and Justin said...

Back Again...
JIllIES BACK, Tell your Friends
Guess Whos Back
Guess Whos Back
Guess Whos Back