Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Happening

I knew it would, after baseball is a business.

The first player move for one of the players that I really grew to know and appreciate. As I was gearing up for spring training and wondering what players I might see back for the 2009 season (whether or not I myself will be back is yet to be determined) and I on my facebook home page was of my favorite players' facebook page. I soon discovered...... He signed with the Brewers.

It is awesome for him!

He was with the Angels since he was drafted right after his first year of college. He had made his way through the minors and was on the 40-man roster last year, but the Angels needed to free up space to sign free agent Bobby Abreu.

As a top pitching prospect, the Brewers picked him right up. It is probably a better place for him to be because he isn't overlooked because of a different superstar prospect, and he isn't waiting behind a solid starting rotation (although the fifth starter spot hasn't been determined).

I knew the players would eventually scatter to other franchises (some have already signed minor league contracts with other teams) but I was fully expecting to see him this season and to chat while he charted on his off days.

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