Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Randoms about me and Baseball

So everyone knows about the 25 Randoms floating all over facebook, but I've seen some baseball bloggers do it and I figured why not.

1. Baseball is in my blood. I'm not joking either. Everyone in my family loves baseball, and I literally grew up on the diamond.

2. I once tried to quit loving baseball. It was my freshman year of college and I thought, I've had enough of this sport and I am going to stop because I am not at home. That lasted until baseball season started and then I was at almost every BYU game that year.

3. The closest I ever got to playing baseball was t-ball, because after that I played softball.

4. I really love softball, but the game is very different than baseball. A lot of people think that it is basically women's baseball, but it's not. Once people realize that they begin to enjoy the sport a lot more.

5. I can think of one vacation that my family went on that was not baseball related. We went to Alaska when I was six years old. Other than that it's always been baseball.

6. I find myself planning vacations around baseball now. For instance I'm trying to plan one to spring training in Arizona and last summer I planned an entire trip around the Angels. I once made a two-day stop at home to catch a Rockies game.

7. I loathe the Boston Red Sox, and their bandwagon friends. Seriously...

8. I think that a salary cap would be good for the game, but that would never happen. Ever.

9. The number of positions on the field.

10. I'm not mad that A Rod admitted to taking steroids. I'm sick of the media talking about it and I think that most fans are too. Everyone wants to close the chapter on the steroids era except the media.

11. I don't like Bud Selig.

12. Ever since doing an internship with the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees, I have grown to love minor league baseball and player development. I would love to work in player development. I love watching prospects rise up to expectations. It's so exciting.

13. I'm a master at scoring baseball games now.

14. I'm the kind of fan that really follows players more than teams. Don't get me wrong because there are teams that I like, but I like to see other players do well.

15. I think Josh Hamilton is an awesome role model for kids. I think he is awesome for what he has done and what he has shown the world.

16. I don't understand the love affair with baseball cards and probably never will. The only cards that I own are the 2008 Salt Lake Bees player cards, and that is because they mean something to me.

17. My dream job is working in Major League Baseball. I'm working on it, but it's kinda hard. I need some serious Spanish skills, but I'm pretty sure I was destined to do it.

18. If I start working for the Bees again, I am going to stop writing about baseball here. Conflict of interest. However, you will be able to read my mad blogging skills o the Bees Web site, which features a blog titled BeeWax. Of course that is pending my return for the 2009 season.

19. Catcher is my favorite position. A lot of the work, little glory. Despite my love for the position, I find myself liking pitchers. Also, pitchers are generally crazy.

20. I really like Baseball America. They named Sean McNaughton as the Mountain West Conference Pre-season Player of the Year. I once wrote a feature story on him.

21. One of my favorite players is Ken Griffey Jr., I think Jason Varitek is incredibly talented (even if he is a Red Sox), I love Matt Holliday.

22. When I was in seventh grade I started drinking Pepsi products over Coca Cola because Sammy Sosa endorse Pepsi. I had a crush of him and I began a love affair with the Cubs that has since ended.

23. I think the rockpile was ingenius and it has contributed into my turning my friends into baseball fans.

24. I'm trying to think of my favorite basebal realated moment that I have lived through and it's hard. I think it's when the Rockies went 21-1 to the World Series! That was amazing!

25. Baseball is played during the summer and I love summer. I've been waking up in the mornings and imagining it is warm outside, that I cal put on some shorts or a skirt and sandals and head over to the ball park. Then I remember that it snowed last night so that is not really a possibility.

There you go.

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dawn said...

I have to say that I love this . . . of course, I am one of the reasons you never had a non-baseball related vacation. But, remember dear child, we did go camping for several days . . . after a baseball tournament . . . :)