Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello Little Boys Little Toys

So I am fairly certain that September 2008 has been the longest month of my life. I feel like I could have fit my entire summer in stupid September. I only curse the month because it yielded the return of school, chilly weather, and the end of the Bees season.

I tried very hard to let go of my poor disposition, and after having crappy terrible days where I fought with my apartment complex and got parking tickets (ala BYU Police) I decided that it was time for sending positive vibes out into the universe.

So here are the positive things on my mind that have to do with September.

1.David Price - 2007 overall No. 1 draft pick makes his ML debut and makes his first start. After tossing four scoreless innings in his first start he struggled and allowed two runs in the fifth, quite the promising outing for the Rays' pitcher. I find in unlikely that the lanky lefty will make the post-season roster, but I relish in the debut of a young prospect. I find in remarkable that he could begin his first professional season in Single-A and make his way all the way to the majors.

2. BYU Football - Despite the chaos of losing the SID days before the season opener, the season has gone quite well. We've had an incredible amount of media attention this season (check out the upcoming issue of ESPN mag). The team is still undefeated and I'm looking forward to TCU and Utah.

3. Denver Broncos /Jay Cutler - Don't let anyone fool you, not many analysts thought the Broncos would be 3-0. People suspected that Cutler would have a breakout season, but even with the expectations Cutler's performance is nothing shy of dazzling. Its about time Denver had some luck.

4. Peach as a baking ingredient - Justin's home owners brought over an amazing peach pie that I could not get enough of. Since then I have discovered the joy of baking with peach. I've made a tart, cobbler (amazing!) and pie. I'm still deciding what I am going to make next. Last year it was pumpkin, this year it's peach.

5. October - So it's just around the corner and I love this month! I'm not looking forward to the snow and wearing coats again, but I love the post-season and I love Halloween. I'm still working on a costume but I'm thinking a cute version of Champ Bailey, let me know what you think.

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