Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Forgive me. It has been too long.

I find myself going through phases of blog activity. I really still trying to determine exactly what my purpose for blogging is.

I haven’t had much to say lately.

I got a new position at work, which was very exciting for me.

H got married last weekend. It was beautiful but exhausting.

I accidentally sucked at the growing my hair out thing, it’s probably the shortest it has ever been. My bad.

I had a surreal grown-up moment at H’s rehearsal dinner. It was that moment when I realized I was completely an adult, not just acting like one. It freaked me out.

I must share this story about Pioneer Woman. Some might say I have a parasocial relationship with her. I would probably agree with that.

Yes, I was happy when Dallas beat Miami.

Yes, I’m looking forward to more time at Coors Field. I’ve been about 10 times and that just isn’t enough for me.

Every day I miss working for a sports organization.

Trying to decide on what Master’s program to go into. It’s difficult. It’s either an MBA or an MS in Marketing. Any thoughts???

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