Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuck in a Rut

Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut. And by sometimes I mean right now.

The funny thing is that when I think about it I shouldn't feel stuck in a rut at all. So many things in my life have changed quickly over the past few months that I should feel like it's still exciting. I'm still trying new things and trying to be as spontaneous (Caley can attest to the fact that I must plan time for my spontaneity) as I can be, but alas I can't shake this feeling.

I wake up everyday and feel like I'm doing to same stuff over and over again. Go to work, try to hit the gym, random church activity or plans with friends, read, go to bed, do it again...

I can't handle it!!!!!

I was reading this today and I felt inspired. I'm the only one who can change this so I might as well start doing something proactive. Here are a few things I'm planning on doing:

1. Add variety - try to do something new at least once a week.
2. New people - make an effort to try to meet two new people a day (Peter suggests three, but my goal is two for now).
3. Plan, plan, plan - trust me this totally makes sense in my head, but I'm talking about being prepared for things an organizing my stuff to make my life easier.
4. Dress - I love clothes, we all know this, but I want to make sure that I'm always prepared for whatever might be thrown my way. A few extra clothes packed in my car for random hot tub outings, impromptu hiking or a night time stroll... I want to make sure I'm always prepared.

This list may seem random but I've really put some thought into this and I feel like it is all attainable. Reassess in about a month.

Side note - best advice I read on this blog can be found here. Genius with the "be the go-to gal" part.

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Dawn said...

You'll find this funny, but I've always tried to be the go-to gal. I learned that from JoAnn McCall during your dad's old softball days . . . if anyone ever needed ANYTHING, JoAnn had it in her bag! :)