Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As of Late

My blog reading friends, I only managed to stay off diet coke for about four days. In my defense, I had a completely acceptable reason to have it on one occasion and while I was sitting there drinking diet coke I wondered… why would I do this to myself???

Too much deprivation in life – no meat – no sugar – NO DIET COKE????!!!!

That will have to wait until I adjust to the lack of sugar. Which is going very well, by the way.

I feel like so much is changing around me, and yet nothing is changing for me. My mom and Cris are beginning a very long moving process to San Antonio. Cris got a new job and my mom has to finish teach here in Denver, hence the slow moving process.

Jeff and Jenna are moving to Cincinnati! Jenna got a promotion, she kinda a rockstar! I can’t wait to go see them. I’m thinking September-ish for a visit.

Friends are getting married, friends are moving, Caley is finally back (remember my road trip that I promised to post photos of and still haven’t).

I just feel like change happens so quickly, and yet I feel like nothing is changing for me all at the same time.

I sense that this is part of growing up.


lisa elizabeth said...

That's funny. I've been thinking about that lately regarding my life. I feel the same way. I feel like people's live change all around me and mine is always the same.

dawn said...

Your life might not be changing at this moment, but you've undergone a lot of changes in the last year, Missy! Move home to Denver, job with Best, job ending, new job at SA, move in with friend, move out, move in with me, . . . and change in eating, working out, Diet Coke consumption, sugar . . . geez . . . that's a lot of change!!

I miss you, Chickee!

Carly Kenney said...

no meat? no sugar? no diet coke? i am impressed! its been a while. i miss you. i hope you are doing well!!