Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cheeseheads Everywhere

So I'm finally on my first trip for work! This morning (at a ridiculously early time) I headed to the airport for my first event of the tour - Green Bay.
After a quick layover in Minneapolis I landed in GB to a sea of Packers gear.

My boss, Mr. Jay (not to be confused with Mr. or Ms. Jay from top model), took me to see a bit of Green Bay. For those of you who are not familiar with the area, GB is like a really big version of a small town.
We tried to make it to the actual bay, but we couldn't find a dock. We settled for an amusement park right next to the water.

As we get out in the parking lot I see a bright orange sign that says attention hunters, and I thought you've got to be kidding me. I snapped this photo with my phone and please notice the playground in the background.

Little did I know that this is in fact a problem in the area. Not more than 100 feet away from the playground was the bay, where I saw a man carrying a rifle with a dead goose in his hands. Turns out that in GB it is illegal to shoot a firearm, but the city's limit ends at the shore.
After that we went to see Lambeau Field. I've heard a lot of stories about the field and about this the Packers - but this was awesome. There is literally hardly anything around the field except for trees.
I don't understand how they can pack that place because there is hardly anyone around here - but these people are die-hard fans of a variety that I have never seen before (the people of GB literally own the team - the only team in the NFL like it).

I got an official cheesehead in the pro shop before we headed to Curly's for dinner (it's inside the stadium). The restaurant atmosphere was really cool. We sat in the pub area and nibbled on the most amazing pretzel bites I've ever had. Thanks to Heather B. I've been in love with pretzel bites for a while but these were so good. The dough was almost like a pastry dough because it was slightly flaky. They were crisp at the edges but really soft at the same time. I'm assuming that the pounds of butter they were drenched in put me way over my allotted calories but it was worth it.
I, of course, had a diet coke and it was in the most amazing glasses. They look like any bar glass with the logo on the side but the bottom has a cut out of a football that you see as your drink gets low.

Plus while we were there they filmed the weekly show, Inside Lambeau, with guest star Packers WR Jordy Nelson. This picture is hard to see but I wanted to remember it.

I wanted to get the baked mac 'n cheese but decided after the pretzel bites I should go with the salad. I got the buffalo wings salad. It was deceptively large and the buffalo sauce had the prefect amount of spice.

There was a great looking burger with a Louisiana hot link and sauerkraut that I wanted to get but felt like it wasn't the best choice.

The service wasn't great but the experience more than made up for it. I would highly recommend it for anyone who finds themselves in GB.


Tyler and Natalie Pooley said...

Sounds like you have your dream job... or at least something that will lead you there. Im so excited for you. What exactly are you doing? Well have fun and good luck! PS- Go Dodgers!

Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

I love how almost your entire post is about food! I'm so glad you have having a good time in your new job. I miss you over here is Utah though. Sorry, we couldn't meet up in Colorado. We got in really late and left really early. Next time, I will be sure to plan something with you before I get there! Love you!