Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Last First Day of School

So I'm starting my last semester of college on Tuesday. I can't wait!!!!!
I wish that I was already done because I feel ready to move on from the school phase of my life.

It is strange that I have been out of my parents house for four years, and I am embarking on my adult life. I don't quite feel like an adult, but in my experience I've learned that you never feel any different.

Saying goodbye to the summer is sad, I'm not ready for the cold weather and gloomy skies that accompany Autumn in Utah.

Despite my pessimism for the end of summer and the return of school, I've decided to write a list of all the things that the changes of the season brings that I like.

1. No more sweating in the blazing sun.
2. Fall clothes, so many more options.
3. The World Series and football.
4. Baking with Pumpkin ingredients.
5. The Broncos.
6. Halloween costumes.
7. Back-to-school sales.
8. Sweaters.
9. Tucanos, for FREE!!!

Ok, so maybe my list is a little bit of a stretch, but I'm trying to stay positive here.

1 comment:

ErBear said...

Sweaters and football are my top faves too! Yeah for Autumn!