Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm not so sure if I'm sure of anything anymore

I'm taking a tip from Carrie, from sex in the city.

I've decided that in life we have great loves, or some of us are blessed to have great loves. You know, those relationships and associations that really change who we are. These are the ones that are difficult for us to get over because it is letting go of someone who changed part of who we are.

It is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person. Imagine allowing someone to be intimate enough with us that they change us.

These great loves leave us sad and lonely at the end of the road, but I've decided the emotion can be morphed into a sad hope. Sad hope is closing the door on the past with a longing in our heart to return to the day before the pain that caused the door to close, but it is done with hope and gratitude in our hearts.

Gratitude for the great love that changed us, and hope for healing and more great loves to come.

Let us try to look forward with the gratitude and hope that will propel us through our dry monotonous routines, until they no longer feel monotonous.

Our great love was just one chapter in the book of our life, and although it seems like we will never have another great love, we will as our journeys continue.

Let us all hope that we will be blessed to have more great loves in our life.

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Sara Lou said...

So, I'm pretty sure this comment was especially for me, and even if it wasn't I appreciate it anyways. You have pretty muched summed up exactly how I feel. I love you.